In time sensitive and complex situations, our clients benefit from Sharp’s independent and steady hand in creating the best achievable outcomes for all relevant constituents.

Legal cannabis is a rapidly-growing industry subject to a patchwork of ever-evolving regulatory and tax regimes. Consequently, some percentage of operators in the sector are bound to face financial distress.

Sharp, via its affiliation with Livingstone, has a wealth of experience helping companies navigate complex situations.  

Our transaction teams understand the urgency of such cases and are adept at moving rapidly to develop the value-maximizing alternative for all constituents involved.  

Whether negotiating forbearance agreements with lenders, structuring out-of-court settlements with the various classes of claimants, arranging rescue financing, or managing distressed auction processes, our bankers have the experience to sort through all of the emotions and negativity to bring parties together and create solutions.

  • Distressed M&A
  • Insolvency / Bankruptcy
  • Out-of-Court Restructurings
  • Rescue Financing
  • Committee & Board Representation
  • Strategic Analysis and Capital Structure Assessment