Creating an industry from scratch: Scaling through M&A and retail expansion

Stephen Miles
July 19, 2023

On April 21, 2022, Steve Miles moderated a Benzinga panel exploring scaling through M&A and retail expansion in the cannabis sector. He spoke with: 

  • Olivier Blechner, Jushi
  • TJ Cole, Cresco Labs
  • Jon Levine, MariMed
  • Michael Cristalli, Qualcan

The panel discussed a number of topics, including: 

  • Primary drivers causing sellers to sell and buyers to buy
  • Megamergers and their cause
  • Strategies used by smaller companies to acquire and grow
  • How acquirers structure their offers
  • The importance of human capital in M&A 
  • Acquisition integration post-close
  • What companies can do to make themselves attractive targets
  • Lessons learned the hard way so others can take heed

Click through to watch (or listen to) the panel in full: 

Stephen Miles