Community Outreach

Sharp serves up BBQ on a cold, blustery day to BUILD

Stephen Miles
June 13, 2024

A cold, blustery Thursday afternoon in late October found the Sharp team serving up some homemade smoked BBQ to BUILDers and Safe Passage workers. 

Steve Miles, BUILD board member, longtime meat smoker, and passionate grill man, worked in shifts alongside BBQ enthusiast Rebecca Hawkinson to smoke enough ribs and brisket for 100 people over a 12 hour period that began at midnight. 

Planned by intern Abigail Miles, the event was meant to do more than fill bellies with good food. To many, including us here at Sharp, food and community are inseparable. Breaking bread brings people together from all walks of life, allowing us to share an indelible moment. 

The Sharp team sought to honor the BUILDers and Safe Passage workers who have worked diligently amidst a global pandemic, providing necessary services to their community. We understand firsthand how important the work they provide is to their community. We know BUILD provides respite and haven to many during these uncertain times - and we wanted to acknowledge it by bringing folks together to share a delicious meal amongst the community they've built. 

Next time we'll do it on a slightly less windy day. 

To learn more about BUILD and their essential, impactful work, visit their website.  

Rebecca Hawkinson
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