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Steve Miles discusses the role of investment banks in the cannabis sector

Stephen Miles
July 19, 2023

Elliot Lane interviewed Steve Miles, Sharp's Co-Founder & CEO, during the February 2021 Benzinga Capital Conference.

Steve delves into his 25-year M&A career, including the 2007 founding of Livingstone Partners, a global middle-market investment bank of which Steve is the current Managing Partner before discussing the passion that led to the creation of Sharp Capital Advisors.

The two discuss the role investment banks play in the cannabis industry and how big a role they'll play in the future. Steve unpacks why it's essential for businesses to have representation during a sales process and why he's a firm believer in adding value to his partnerships with entrepreneurs selling their company.

Steve finishes the conversation with some words of advice for investors and entrepreneurs, including what they should look-out for in 2021.

Click here to listen to the full conversation.

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