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October 20, 2023
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Regulatory Framework

New Hampshire legalized medical marijuana in 2013 when it passed House Bill 573. The law established a list of qualifying, albeit restrictive, conditions. Under the law, not only does a patient need a diagnosis of a qualifying condition, but they also have to exhibit severe symptoms of the debilitating condition. In addition, HB 573 requires dispensaries to be not-for-profit and set requirements for MMJ qualifications, as well as purchase and possession limits.

In January of 2022, the NH House approved an adult-use cannabis legalization bill after similar legislation cleared the House in 2020, but ultimately stalled in the Senate.

In March of 2022, The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis and conduct sales through state-run stores, allowing adults to possess up to three-fourths of an ounce of cannabis and cultivate up to six plants at home.

In June of 2023, Vermonts Therapeutic Cannabis Program authorized reciprocity for out-of-state MMJ patients.

In August of 2023, Gov. Chris Sununu (R) signed a bill to establish a commission to look into how New Hampshire might legalize cannabis and allow for adult-use sales in the state. Gov. Sununu has stated recently that recreational cannabis legalization is inevitable, so he is aiming to set up a state-controlled system reflective of its alcohol and tobacco sales.

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What's the Play?

With New Hampshire recently allowing reciprocity for out-of-state MMJ patients and Governor Sununu expressing a desire for adult-use legalization, there seems to be a near-term path to legalization. Opportunities in the state will be dependent on the findings of the commission and resulting legislation.

Market Snapshot

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By The Numbers



21+ Population


Annual Tourists


Medicinal Legalization


Adult-Use Legalization


First Adult-Use Sales


MMJ Patients


Monthly Revenue


Cultivation Cap


Cultivation Licenses

3/4 (Operational/Limit)*

Retail Licenses

7/7 (Operational/Limit)*

Retail License Cap per Operator


Vertical Integration



Not Allowed

MMJ Qualifications


Adult Population/ # Retail Licenses

Accepts Out of State MMJ


MMJ Patients / # Retail Licenses


*Four vertically integrated licenses, each license is allowed to open two dispensaries for a total of eight dispensaries across the state. *80 cannabis plants, 160 seedlings, 80 ounces of usable cannabis, or six ounces of usable cannabis per qualifying patient.

Top Cultivators

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